Carpool Week 9 - 15 October 2017

There are millions of empty car seats on South African roads daily, causing traffic congestion, hurting our environment and costing us money.
Let’s change that.


Not only will you be saving time, money and the planet but you'll be making new friends... And you'll be part of a community of forward thinkers embracing one of the alternatives to the future of transport

- Kahn Morbee, Parlotones.

About Carpool Week 2017

Carpool Week was established in 2013 as an annual national initiative that raises awareness and educates on the benefits of carpooling. We hope to encourage South Africans to rethink their travel choices for a better country. Carpool Week is organised by, SA’s largest carpool movement, and made possible with the support of various organisations and advocates. Each year we promote a different theme to look in depth at a specific benefit of carpooling.

Fuel Your Car with People

This year we want to encourage single driver commuters to make use of the empty seats in their cars by offering rides to others. In South Africa there are currently around 4 times more people looking for rides than there are offering rides. We want to fix that and save people money along the way.

Every day there are millions of empty car seats on our roads. Each single driver car has around 3 empty seats that are not being used. What is this costing the driver indirectly? On a fuel bill of R1000 per month each seat can cost around R250. Thus 3 empty seats can ‘’cost’’ the driver R750 each month. Empty seats are also a waste of road space causing congestion, while congestion adds to the harmful impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our environment.

Daniel Claassen
Carpool Week Catalyst

Carpool Stories

We’ve asked over 10 000 South Africans to share their social carpooling stories with us, here are some of our favorites.

I thought I enjoyed the alone time but now I can’t imagine...

Sharing a ride with ladies is by far the best choice I have made. I am able to fill petrol in my tank every week but the greatest benefit is having four precious, special friends.

Our trips to work and home are always lively, full of fun, laughter and stories lol never a dull moment.

From strangers to friends and now walking buddies, we’ve even decided to get fit together so we carry our walking gear and head to the stadium straight after work and walk for about an hour.

I remember the one time I had to give my Manger a lift home, he was having car trouble, I was so nervous I was silent from the moment he entered the car all the way home. The ladies still laugh about that, one man among four ladies and being driven by a lady….

Before starting a carpool I thought that I enjoyed the alone time but now I can’t imagine travelling a day all by my lonesome. The friendships are special and will last for a lifetime. The moments are priceless and makes driving every day a lot easier and stress free.
- Jessy

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