Did you know?

Benefits of carpooling/ ridesharing

  • You can save around R100 by sharing 200km with 1 person!
  • Share 3500km and you would have ‘planted’ a TREE!
  • Make new friends, know the gossip ;)
  • You are not stuck in traffic. You are traffic. Carpool to reduce traffic
  • Reduce the stress of driving by alternating

Tips for carpooling

  • Offer or Find a Lift on http://www.findalift.co.za
  • Establish a route and schedule and be punctual
  • Establish a cost sharing arrangement and establish some basic rules
  • Draw up a schedule for driving responsibilities
  • Respect everyone in your carpool, keep in mind we are all very different individuals. Respect each other’s’ preferences
  • Set up a line of communication and avoid side trips on the way home
  • Drive carefully and keep the car clean, in good repair and filled with enough fuel for each trip
  • Have fun and share your experiences with friends and colleagues to encourage them to try it out

Staying safe when carpooling

  • Do not exchange home addresses before you meet a potential travel partner
  • Meet in a public place the first time you meet your potential travel partner
  • Connect on social media like Facebook to build trust
  • Show each other proof of your identity to ensure you are meeting the correct person
  • Tell friend/family about your travel partner and details of your journey
  • Do not travel together if you have any doubts about your potential travel partner

Insurance implications

  • Insurers will consider: Whether or not you receive payment from your passengers
  • Insurers will consider: If another motorist is driving your vehicle on a regular basis
  • Insurers will consider: The number of occupants being regularly transported as part of your carpool
  • Insurance: You are not allowed to make a profit from carpooling, can invalidate insurance
  • Insurance: You could qualify for a lower insurance premium if you’re in an alternating carpool
  • Insurance: Understand which vehicles are going to be used and how – Then contact your insurer to explain the situation
  • Insurance: Some insurers might put carpooling in a higher risk bracket – Contact your insurer to find out
  • Insurance: In case of accident passengers cannot claim from car owner - must claim from Road Accident Fund
  • Insurance: Visit raf.co.za for terms of what is covered and what the claims process entails
  • Insurance: The ideal situation - Carpool via an alternate driver arrangement where no money exchanges hands
  • Insurance: Insurance providers differ, contact yours to fully understand implications